Susan Luger, Founder

Susan Luger Associates is the personification of Susan, representing caring and support of those with need.

Susan Luger holds degrees in education and social work. Susan Luger Associates (SLA) is her creation, combining her educational experiences (originally a Kindergarten teacher, later a reading specialist and a licensed supervisor) with social work expertise (MSW, LCSW) plus a strong sense of righteousness and fair play.

Susan developed her unique strategy starting in 1984. Then she was a solo practitioner and one of the first Educational Advocates in New York City.

Susan has now teamed with special education advocates, parent representatives and attorneys. In 2007, she formed SLA, the embodiment of her unique special education strategy. Susan has imbued the organization with ‘heart’, with cooperative team spirit, and congeniality.

Susan holds the distinction of being one of the few non-attorneys whose communications have been quoted in federal cases. She is known to the NYS Education Department as a tireless activist for the rights of special needs children.

In Susan’s strategy, all parties – parents, experts, our advocates, our affiliated attorneys, the school, teachers – are on the team.