Dr. Lawrence Weinberg, Larry to his colleagues, represents parents at impartial hearings in New York and New Jersey. Larry is also on the Appellate Team for SLA, handling appeals to the State Review Officer and to federal court. He also represents parents in appeals to the New York State Commissioner of Education on various issues, including transportation, vaccinations, and gifted and talented programs.

Larry holds a master’s degree in education from Northwestern University and both a law degree and Doctor of Education degree from Boston University. His interest in special education started while working at a school for special needs children. He brings his background as a special needs educator to hearings.

He is the author of the book “Religious Charter Schools: Legalities and Practicalities”, and has also published articles and book chapters related to educational policy. He was formerly a professor of educational leadership at Northwest Missouri State University and was a proud presenter at the White House summit on education in April 2008.

His website is http://www.lawrenceweinberg.com.