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22 11, 2016

Mireille Wahl, Parent Representative


Mireille has been advocating for individuals with disabilities and their families for over ten years, working for two nationally recognized non-profit organizations. As a child advocate, Mireille mentored and trained families of children with disabilities to advocate for appropriate educational services for their children including accompanying them to IEP/CSE meetings, and organized and conducted workshops to assist families in those efforts.

Through her experience as the parent of an adolescent with special needs, Mireille believes in understanding and integrating all aspects of care in order to achieve the best outcome for the families she serves. To that extent, she has been a consultant for the NJ Early Intervention System; a service provider for multiple NJ school districts and she has provided private consultations for multiple families by helping individuals from infancy to adulthood across various settings: in-home programs, in schools supports, Extended School Year (ESY) settings and in the community.

Mireille is a graduate of the Special Education Advocate Training (SEAT), a pilot program nationally funded by the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) jointly with the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA). Mireille holds a master’s degree in hospitality and a bachelor’s degree in International Trade.

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18 11, 2016

Lawrence D. Weinberg, Esq., Ed.D.


Dr. Lawrence Weinberg, Larry to his colleagues, represents parents at impartial hearings in New York and New Jersey. Larry is also on the Appellate Team for SLA, handling appeals to the State Review Officer and to federal court. He also represents parents in appeals to the New York State Commissioner of Education on various issues, including transportation, vaccinations, and gifted and talented programs.

Larry holds a master’s degree in education from Northwestern University and both a law degree and Doctor of Education degree from Boston University. His interest in special education started while working at a school for special needs children. He brings his background as a special needs educator to hearings.

He is the author of the book “Religious Charter Schools: Legalities and Practicalities”, and has also published articles and book chapters related to educational policy. He was formerly a professor of educational leadership at Northwest Missouri State University and was a proud presenter at the White House summit on education in April 2008.

His website is http://www.lawrenceweinberg.com.

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14 11, 2016

Natasha Chase, Director


Our  Director Natasha Chase keeps SLA moving forward.  She meets with every new family to evaluate their case.  She works closely with the Advocates, providing  invaluable advice and supervision.

Natasha has two Master’s degrees, in education and social work. She  is a graduate of the Wurzweiler School of Social Work of Yeshiva University.  She comes to special education advocacy with an appreciation for cultural differences and an eagerness to help parents and school districts work together for the good of the children.

Natasha is a believer that you have to find humor in adversity. Armed with a sense of humor and conflict resolution skills, Natasha is ready to support parents navigating the special education maze. She has been with SLA since 2008. Back then Natasha was one of the first graduates of the course in advocacy training provided by the Council of Parents Attorneys and Advocates in 2007.

Natasha is fluent in German, French and Russian.

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14 11, 2016

Ellen Roth, Educational Advocate


Ellen’s primary focus is providing support for the litigation process through the drafting of essential documents. Ellen’s preparation of requests for impartial hearings and related documents is aimed at maximizing our clients’ chances of settlement or prevailing at a hearing.

Prior to joining Susan Luger Associates, she was employed in a similar capacity in the offices of a special education attorney in New York City. Ellen has spent most of her professional life in education, as a classroom and remedial reading teacher in the New York City public schools and administrator at Baruch and Hunter colleges.

Ellen has a B.S. from Skidmore College, master’s degrees in remedial reading and guidance from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a J.D. from CUNY Law School.

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8 11, 2016

Susan Luger, M.S., Executive director


Susan Luger Associates is the personification of Susan, representing caring and support of those with need.

Susan Luger holds degrees in education and social work. Susan Luger Associates (SLA) is her creation, combining her educational experiences (originally a Kindergarten teacher, later a reading specialist and a licensed supervisor) with social work expertise (MSW, LCSW) plus a strong sense of righteousness and fair play.

Susan developed her unique strategy starting in 1984. Then she was a solo practitioner and one of the first Educational Advocates in New York City.

Susan has now teamed with special education advocates, parent representatives and attorneys. In 2007, she formed SLA, the embodiment of her unique special education strategy. Susan has imbued the organization with ‘heart’, with cooperative team spirit, and congeniality.

Susan holds the distinction of being one of the few non-attorneys whose communications have been quoted in federal cases. She is known to the NYS Education Department as a tireless activist for the rights of special needs children.

In Susan’s strategy, all parties – parents, experts, our advocates, our affiliated attorneys, the school, teachers – are on the team.

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